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Mandya Sheep, Bannur, Bandur

Mandya Sheep, Bannur, Bandur

Bandur sheep is a breed of sheep that is native to the Mandya district and bordering Mysore district of the Indian state of Karnataka. These sheep are known for their small body size and distinctive coat patterns.

Morphological Characteristics:

  • Compact body with a typical reversed U-shape conformation from the rear.
  • Coat is white, but in some cases face is light brown, and this colour may extend to the neck. Coat is extremely coarse and hairy.
  • Slightly Roman nose
  • Both sexes are polled
  • Long, leafy and drooping ears
  • Short and thin tail
  • Present in majority of animals

Morphometric traits:

  • Adult males weigh 34.80±1.55 kg and adult females weigh 23.50±0.27 kg
  • Adult males are 63.86±1.28 cm long and adult females are 59.92±0.22 cm long
  • Adult males are 62.0±0.65 cm tall at the withers and adult females are 56.71±0.27 cm tall
  • Adult males have a chest girth of 78.57±1.75 cm and adult females have a chest girth of 65.25±0.31 cm
  • Ear length is 14.10±0.10 cm
  • Tail length is 9.48±0.19 cm

Reproductive traits:

  • Average age at first lambing is 745 days
  • Lambing interval is 397 days
  • Litter size is single

Production traits:

  • Age at slaughter is 6 months
  • Dressing percentage is 45-51%