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Hassan Sheep

Hassan Sheep

The Hassan Sheep is a breed of sheep that is native to the Hassan district of the Indian state of Karnataka. These sheep are known for their small body size and distinctive coat patterns.

Morphological Characteristics:

  • Small body size
  • Coat is white with spots on the head, light brown, brown, or black spots on different parts of the body
  • 39% of males are horned, females are usually polled
  • Medium-long, drooping ears
  • White, coarse, and open fleece
  • Belly and legs generally devoid of wool

Morphometric traits:

  • Adult males weigh 25.78±0.69 kg and adult females weigh 22.68±0.18 kg
  • Adult males are 61.61±0.73 cm long and adult females are 59.0±0.20 cm long
  • Adult males are 61.83±0.99 cm tall at the withers and adult females are 57.18±0.27 cm tall
  • Adult males have a chest girth of 69.56±0.82 cm and adult females have a chest girth of 65.38±0.27 cm
  • Ear length is 15.11±0.11 cm

Reproductive traits:

  • Litter size is single

Production traits:

  • Annual fleece yield is 400 gm