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Nellore Sheep, Palla, Jodipi, Jodimpu, Dora

Nellore Sheep, Palla, Jodipi, Jodimpu, Dora

The Nellore Sheep, also known as Palla, Jodipi, Jodimpu, and Dora, is a breed of sheep found in India, primarily in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

There are three distinct varieties of Nellore Sheep, each distinguished by color: Palla, which are completely white or have light brown spots on their head, neck, back, and legs; Jodipi, which are white with black spots around the lips, eyes, and lower jaw, as well as on the belly and legs; and Dora, which are completely brown.

A survey found that 52.7% of Nellore Sheep were Palla, 34.04% were Jodipi, and 13.43% were Dora.

Morphological Characteristics:

  • Relatively tall body with little hair, except at the brisket, withers, and breech
  • Horned rams and polled ewes
  • Long and drooping ears
  • 86% of animals have wattles
  • Short and thin tail

Morphometric traits:

  • Adult males weigh 36.69±2.56 kg and have a body length of 68.31±0.63 cm and a height at the withers of 76.46±1.36 cm.
  • Adult females weigh 30.00±0.27 kg, have a body length of 67.05±0.22 cm, and a height at the withers of 72.75±0.24 cm.
  • Chest girth of adult males is 75.39±1.74 cm and 72.78±0.23 cm for adult females.
  • Ear length is 15.11±0.08 cm, and tail length is 10.28±0.13 cm.

Reproductive traits:

  • Age at first lambing is 846 days
  • Lambing interval is 428 days
  • Essentially single litter size

Production traits:

  • Age at slaughter is 6 months
  • Dressing percentage is 47.00%
  • Feed conversion efficiency is 15.06%